About the Initiative

The Slower Speeds Initiative was founded in March 1998 by The Children's Play Council, CTC, the Environmental Transport Association, Living Streets, the Road Danger Reduction Forum, RoadPeace, Sustrans and Transport 2000. (see links to founder members).

The aims of the Initiative are to raise awareness of the consequences of inappropriate speeds of road vehicles, to stimulate and contribute to the discussion on vehicle speeds and means of reducing inappropriate speeds and to achieve changes in government policy, driver behaviour and other relevant areas to reduce speeds.

The Slower Speeds Initiative is an unincorporated association, controlled by its management committee, made up of representatives of our founder organisations. It is advised by Mayer Hillman and Stephen Plowden, co-authors of Speed Control and Transport Policy. Our co-ordinator is Paige Mitchell.

We advocate:

  • lower and better enforced speed limits on all classes of roads
  • more resources for speed reduction initiatives
  • more responsible attitudes to speed
  • changes in the law to reflect the seriousness of speeding offences
  • the rapid introduction of variable speed limiters

The Initiative has a charitable arm, The Slower Speeds Trust.